Bryan DeChambeau has won eight times on the PGA Tour including one major championship, the 2020 U.S. Open. As an amateur, DeChambeau became the fifth player in history to win both the NCAA Division I championship and the U.S. Amateur in the same year. With his U.S. Open victory he became the third player to have won those three championships, after Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, and the sixth player to win both the U.S. Amateur and U.S. Open.

Renowned for his analytical and scientific approaches to the sport, DeChambeau has acquired the nickname of “The Scientist”. His clubs are specially designed to his specifications, with thicker than normal grips and irons that are all the same length. In 2020, he became the longest driver on the PGA Tour after gaining 40 pounds in weight.

While DeChambeau has been very successful in golf, he has been equally successful in the romance department off the course. It has been reported that DeChambeau has been dating none other than Instagram model, Sophia Phalen Bertolami. If you have never seen her before, you are definitely going to want to scroll down and see a few pictures of her.

In other golf news, professional golfer Jordan Spieth was on the No Laying Up podcast and had the following to say about Tiger Woods:

“I’ve played with Tiger a lot. I played with him quite a few times when he was really, really struggling in the 2015-16 frame,” Spieth said. “He was trying to come back, really struggling chipping, just wasn’t playing very well. And out of every single round I played with him, I never heard him say one negative thing. He was mad. He would drop an F-bomb. But it was never a negative comment about himself.

“He’s the only person I’ve played with that I can say that about, including myself. I just thought that that was so intriguing that I’ve never heard him say one negative thing about himself. And he clearly, he’s human — as much as we kind of don’t believe that — but in his head, he’s probably thinking ‘Man, I can’t chip right now,’ or whatever, but he’ll never say it out loud. And he’ll never let it take over him at all at any period of time.”


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