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Bryce Harper Reacts To Houston Astros Scandal

Written by Clayton Richer

Philadelphia Phillies superstar Bryce Harper finally chimed in on the Houston Astros cheating scandal. Surprisingly, Harper’s comments actually made a lot of sense.

The Phillies slugger told NBC Sports the following:

“Being able to watch a Houston team that you believed was one of the best teams in the world, that run that they had gone on. You’re gonna see this year if they’re the truth — if they’re really gonna go out there and do what they do, and if they do, then nobody can really say anything. I think they do have really good players but the things they did do in the past is gonna taint what they did.”

Harper’s sentiments actually ring true, the Astros essentially have their proverbial backs to the wall. They have to go out and prove this season that they can win without cheating, if they don’t succeed, then their success will definitely be tainted for years to come.

Oh yeah, Bryce also hit a ball to the highway. Can you say no-doubter?

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