Bryce Hall Calls SDSU Fraternity “Pussies” @BryceHall

Written by austenlange

It seems that Tik Tok’s “Bad Boy” Bryce Hall is being involved in some more drama. With a fraternity I was apart of nonetheless.

I’m not to sure who’s at fault here. Bryce Hall and his group of ragamuffins are notoriously known for causing scenes and inserting themselves into awful positions, however I would not put it passed a group of Frat Kids to see them as a threat and try to eliminate them immediately. I know Bryce will blame this on their toxic masculinity but one could also blame him and his counterparts for this also.

Hall like any mature adult decided to air out his grievances over twitter.


Also, Hall deleted most of his tweets. The 8 ball and 4 Loko must’ve ran out and he came to his senses and realized if he’s actually taking legal action that airing it out on twitter isn’t the best option.

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