Brutal Pass Interference Call Costs the Boilermakers a Win Against Minnesota (Video)

If you think the Detroit Lions and the Mew Orleans Saints are the only teams to get screwed with bad calls by the referees, look no further than tonight’s game between the Purdue Boilermakers and the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

In a tweet by Clay Travis, the Boilermakers had a touchdown negated by an offensive pass interference call in which had everyone had saying it was the ‘worst call’ out there.

Here in the video below, #87 had a defender beat and the receiver didn’t push off on the replay.

However, someone in the comment section said it was a good call, based on his assumption that there was a forearm push off.

The controversial call eventually gave Minnesota a 34-31 win.

Well Purdue, as a Lions fan, welcome to our world. We usually get screwed most of the time with these calls. It has not happened this season yet, but hopefully the video is not a jinx for the rest of the season.

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