The timing is entirely too conspicuous. Tom Brady retires back in February. Then a few weeks ago, he decides that he does not want to stay retired, and would like to play out the last year of his contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Then, a few weeks after that, Bruce Arians steps down as the head coach of the Bucs.

This is not one big coincidence.

It has been known that there has been some friction between Brady and Arians for quite some time now. Is it surprising that Arians is retiring after Brady makes his announcement about returning for at least one more year in the NFL? Absolutely not. Maybe Brady didn’t take kindly to Arians yelling at him the way he did at times. In fact, Arians specifically recalled a time whereby he had to cuss Brady out.

“Oh yeah, he’s got cussed out,” Arians said. “He just laughs,” Arians said. “We don’t throw balls in walk-throughs. It was something silly, but he had to get his ass chewed out just like everybody else. So he’s one of the guys.” (Credit: CBS Sports)

On his way out the door, Arians thanked everyone in the local Tampa Bay media and even abruptly left with a zinger for sports writer Mike Florio.


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