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Browns QB Deshaun Watson accused of putting his cum all over massage therapist

Written by TrevStone

This entire Deshaun Watson situation is absolutely wild. There have been 24 women that are massage therapists have have accused him of some wild things. The most recent one?

He apparently finished all over a lady who didn’t want it. Saying “where should I put it” and then finishing all over her, including her face.

According to NYPost:

“At the beginning of the session, Watson did not want to use the draping that is typically used in a massage,” the suit states. “Instead, he requested a small towel. Watson also insisted on starting the massage with him lying face up.

“Watson reminded Plaintiff he only wanted her to focus on his upper body and abdomen. He then demanded that she work on his inner thighs and quadriceps. During the massage, Watson’s tone became aggressive as he repeatedly demanded that she go higher and higher into his inner thighs, causing her hand to reach his scrotum.”

The suit claims that Watson proceeded to make “piercing eye contact” with the accuser, and that she was scared because he was much bigger than she is, and was afraid that upsetting him would elicit retaliation against her small business.

“Watson then stood up and continued masturbating more aggressively,” the suit claims. “As he did so, Watson asked the Plaintiff, ‘Where do you want me to put it?’ Plaintiff by this point was in complete shock and could not speak. She froze. Watson quickly ejaculated; some of his ejaculate got on Plaintiff’s chest and face.”

This is wild. Life is weird. Like really weird. I didn’t think the two biggest subjects this offseason would be the Browns with Watson and also Baker Mayfield. The two of them have been in the news like crazy lately.

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