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Brooks Koepka’s Anger Towards Bryson DeChambeau Goes Away Once He Comes Home To His Wife, Jena Sims!

A viral video surfaced earlier this week of Brooks Koepka and his clear disdain for Bryson DeChambeau. While it is well known that the two have had quite the rivalry on the PGA Tour, we did not know until this week just how annoying Koepka found DeChambeau. Check out the video below to see Koepka’s reaction to comments DeChambeau makes.

You cannot help but laugh and appreciate Koepka’s brutal honesty on the situation. Even the reporter couldn’t keep from laughing out loud.

While it is obvious to see that Bryson finds a way to make Brooks’ blood boil, the good news for Brooks is that he gets to come home every single day to Jena Sims. Who exactly is she? Sims is Koepka’s “Perfect 10” wife that makes golf fans everywhere envious of him.

If you have not seen Jena Sims before, I highly recommend you scroll down and look through some of the pictures of her. I promise that you will not regret it. I can also guarantee that by the time you are done looking at all the pictures, you will end up following her shortly thereafter on Instagram.

Want to see even more of Jena Sims? Feel free to check out this YouTube video of her below.
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