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Brooks Koepka To Donate $250K to Barstool Fund if He Loses a Round of Golf to Dave Portnoy Playing Left Handed! @stoolpresidente @bkoepka

Earlier today in a back an forth on Twitter, a challenge was made by Brooks Koepka to Dave Portnoy on the golf course. Before we go any further, let’s see how it all started. Earlier in the day, Portnoy was going back and forth about the value of his signature on items, deeming his signature “worthless” unless the following is written on it.

That’s when golf pro Brooks Kopeka chimed in, and Portnoy’s response seemed a bit untrue…

From there, Koepka responded with a bold proclamation which Portnoy willingly accepted.

That’s when things got really interesting. Koepka decided to put his money where his mouth is, but of course for a great cause. Portnoy accepted, and a time and date is to be determined.

From there, Portnoy did what he does best. He threw gasoline on the fire by calling Brooks by the wrong name and insulting golfers everywhere calling them mentally weak.

Who’s going to win this one? Sorry Dave. As big of a fan as I am, I don’t see you beating Brooks Koepka even if he only had one arm to play. Either way, I look forward to Barstool’s coverage of the event in the near future.

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