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Brooks Koepka Feigns Injury To Avoid Succumbing To Dave Portnoy’s Mental Torture Chamber! @stoolpresidente @bkoepka

I mean come on folks, the timing is very convenient. This match has been scheduled for months now. The proverbial Battle of the Titans. Media Mogul and Pizza King Dave Portnoy against Average Golfer Brooks Koepka. Brooks proclaimed he could beat Port ot left handed, and the loser of the match has to donate $250K to a charity of the winners choice.

And then literally, days before the match, the following happens…

That ladies and gentlemen is planting a seed if I’ve ever seen one. Rubbing the forearm, making it seem like he’s in terrible pain…and then it’s announced that Koepka is not only going to play Portnoy, but that he’s also withdrawn from the tour championship.

Simply put, Portnoy has been right all along. Koepka is so mentally weak that he’s willing to pull out of the Tour Championship just so he doesn’t have to play Portnoy. Koepka is willing to lose income from the Tour Championship because he cannot handle being a prisoner in Portnoy’s mental torture chamber.

Hopefully in the coming months we’ll see a make up date, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Koepka tries to get out of it all together.

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