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Brock Lesnar VS Parker Boudreaux Will Be the Main Event of WrestleMania 39 @brocklesnar @heymanhustle @parkerboudreaux

Written by Chris Powers

I know, it’s a little bit of an early prediction. But I can only imagine Brock Lesnar has a handful of years left of working for WWE in an in ring capacity. With the recent news of his younger clone Parker Boudreaux signing with WWE, this is a match that has to happen sooner than later.

Even Lesnar’s Manager Paul Heyman got in on the action a few months ago giving props to the young WWE Superstar.

In order for this main event match to happen, Boudreaux has to pick up quickly on things at the WWE Performance Center. Occasionally, guys will get hot shotted to the main roster if it is determined there could potential there from the get go. I cannot imagine a world whereby Parker Boudreaux is not on the main roster within the next year. Could you imagine the build up between these two? Imagine of Lesnar stayed out of wrestling for a while and Paul Heyman ended up managing him. Brock then makes a comeback to challenge Boudreaux, putting him in the awkward situation of having to take sides.

I haven’t even seen Boudreaux in the ring yet and quite frankly I don’t care. With the proper build, Lesnar VS Boudreaux has money written all over it and would do astronomical viewership for WrestleMania.

Vince, this is your next cash cow. Make this happen sooner than later!

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