Brock Debuting Next Week On AEW Dynamite

Written by jwatry

Brock is going to debut on AEW Dynamite next week! After weeks of speculation, it is finally happening.

Yes, that is right. Tony Schiavone dropped the bombshell just moments ago on TNT. He was out to interview Cody Rhodes to discuss next week’s tag team match versus QT Marshall and Aaron Solow. It turns out his tag team partner will be none other than BROCK…


Yes, Arn Anderson’s son is going to be in his debut match next week for All Elite Wrestling. Did you think I meant somebody else? Please! Personally, I don’t really care. I just caught up with the news as I noticed Brock Lesnar was trending on Twitter. Kinda funny I suppose. Did viewers really think Brock F’N Lesnar was going to show up in a taped episode of Dynamite in front of no fans? I mean, surely that spoiler would have gotten out by now, much less the ridiculous decision that would have been.

You sign a HUGE mega star…and bring him out like that? This isn’t fakin’ Andrade. We are talking about BROCK LESNAR HERE! Anyways, it doesn’t matter. I believe Lesnar knows his value and worth and will use that to his best ability in WWE. Whether at Summerslam in August or down the road once fans are officially back in the seats – he will get another huge payday at some point. Likely in WWE. Certainly not in AEW.

As the saying goes – the easiest fans to work are the ‘smartest’ fans…

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