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Brittany Matthews Shocks Fans After Chiefs Loss; Jackson Mahomes Caught Dancing During Overtime As Bengals Win!

As we have grown to expect, Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany Matthews likes to have the spotlight on her after each Chiefs game, as does her cringe worthy brother in law Jackson Mahomes.

Seriously, have two people ever flexed another person’s success and money as much as these two douchebags? People legitimately rooted against the Chiefs today because of how much they despise Mahomes’ family.

Surprisingly, Matthews took to Twitter without being the self indulgent prozac fueled NFL wife spewing the usual laughably vomit-worthy loaded rhetorical bullshit.

Regardless of her tweet, she’s still the worst. The only person who might be worse than her however is her brother in law.

Speaking of that bag of dicks, a video was captured of Jackson Mahomes dancing while his brother was busy not showing up the entire second half of the game and more specifically in overtime. Be sure to check out the video below!

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