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Brianna Chicken Fry Gets New Boobs, To Start OnlyFans?

Written by TrevStone

Brianna Chickenfry is one of the fastest growing personalities at Barstool Sports, from her TikTok videos, BFFs podcast, and her college tours, she is living her life to the fullest.

She recently announced she was going to get fake boobs and now she did, and everyone wants to see them, and she is considering starting an OnlyFans. She said she might be leading up to something and if she does drop an OnlyFans she could really make a lot of money. Even if at first, she isn’t showing them all off, Brianna OnlyFans could do numbers.

She talked about this on Barstool Sports Out and About podcast hosted by Barstool Pat and Joey Camasta:

She said it was roughly $25,000 for the surgery. She would be making that back in less than 30 minutes if she was to start an OnlyFans. With the power of Barstool Sports and the Internet she would honestly blow up on OnlyFans and could become a millionaire from it in a month or two.

Maybe I’m saying this because I want to see her on it. Lol. Oh well, don’t we all?

Oh yeah, she also starting DJing. Look for DJ Brianna Chickenfry coming to your area soon. She’s blowing up and DJing fits her brand so well.

Flip the page to see the hottest pictures of Brianna Chickenfry:

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