Brian Laundrie’s Abandoned Bike Found In FL Near Surveillance Footage Property

TMZ first reported, wanted man Brian Laundrie might have been seeing riding his bike about three hours north of his hometown in Dunnellon, FL. The area he was reportedly seen is predominantly rural and remote and a road not often traveled. The gentleman on the bike can be seen having a difficult time peddling carrying a large oversized backpack and wearing a hat.

The man was riding his bike on a sand path behind private property on the outskirts of town seen via surveillance camera. The bike in that surveillance video was found abandoned a few miles from where it was seen on the surveillance camera. It’s now being dusted for prints. This could be a huge break if it matches Laundrie’s prints.

Bike footage here:

Gabby Petito, the 22 year old girl, whose parents reported her missing in early September died from strangulation and the number one suspect at large, Brian Laundrie, has fled and has yet to be found. The Police, FBI, and famed Dog The Bounty Hunter have been diligently looking for Laundrie.

If this turns out to be Laundrie’s bike, WHAT are we doing?! He’s riding a bike, while we have the most brilliant minds searching for him with helicopters, police dogs, squad cars, and full-on search parties at their disposal.

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