Brett Favre Making Headlines For The Wrong Reasons Once Again

Written by EricLyonsTV

I’m starting to wonder if people ask Favre these questions one purpose simply to get a reaction out of all of us. Favre has been on a rampage of idiotic statements from NFL players requesting trades to why Naomi Osaka should have talked to the media. On today’s episode of What The Hell Is Brett Favre Talking About he went on television to tell the people kids under the age of 14 should not play tackle football. Brett gave his reason siting research about brain trauma, his own concussion history, and brain injuries in children. Favre says he doesn’t know if he has CTE or not well obviously Brett CTE cannot be detected in the brain until you are dead. When it comes to Favre’s history of questionable remarks, actions, and throws you can assume there may be a few screws that have been knocked loose. Personally I have no problem with him advocating for brain safety for children I don’t think I want my future kids playing football either, I played in my youth and had one minor concussion, it wasn’t fun. The problem that me and the rest of social media has with him is when asked about the vaccine he refused to respond.

Favre went on a talking marathon about how trustworthy science is in studying brains but had nothing to say about how good science is when it comes to vaccines. People just didn’t like how he used science when it was beneficial to him and his own narrative. At this point I’m not surprised with anything former addict, unsolicited pick sender, and Trump supporter Brett Favre has to say.

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