Brett Brown Out Of Philly…What’s Next For The Sixers?

After seven years with the Sixers, Brett Brown is officially gone. This isn’t shocking news. It was honestly expected after the Sixers embarrassing effort vs the Celtics. The interesting part of all of this is what’s next for the Sixers? Will GM Elton Brand be there much longer? Will Simmons or Embiid be traded? What will the team do with the awful Tobias Harris and Horford contracts? As of right now, it looks like Brand will be staying in Philadelphia.

Look, I honestly don’t know what’s next for this team. Just a year ago it seemed as the team was a real contender. Hell, three years ago I thought this team had a real shot to win multiple championships sometime in the coming years.

That obviously didn’t happen and the Sixers are at a crossroads. Embiid and Simmons are struggling to find a way to play well together. They will have a hard time finding a team that’s willing to take on Horford’s 4 year deal worth $100 million as he isn’t getting any younger. The same goes for Tobias Harris and his five-year $180 million dollar deal.

We do know what’s next and that is the hunt for a new coach. The early candidates that have been mentioned are names such as Clippers assistant Ty Lue, Villanova’s Jay Wright, and 76ers assistant Ime Udoka. Jay Wright is the most polarizing name out of that group. He pretty much coaches in Philadelphia as he has been head coach of Villanova since 2001, winning two national championships. No one knows who the next coach will be, considering Brown was just fired today. One thing we do know is this current “process” is over for the Sixers.

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