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Brendan Leipsic of the Washington Capitals had his Messages from an IG Group Chat Leaked and Whoa Nelly They Are Not Good

Written by tRy25

Brendan. Buddy. Not good my dude. Not good at all. It’s one thing to be under the assumption that what happens in the group chat stays in the group chat, but c’mon man. To go after old teammates and Connor McDavid’s girlfriend completely unprovoked? What’s that about?

Normally I’d probably say something like “this is unfortunate and dirty but it’s also shitty that his private conversations were leaked”. Not today though. If he’s shit talking former teammates like that to his friends I can only imagine what he’s saying about those same friends to other people. Sounds like a real swell guy to be around. No wonder he’s been on 5 teams in as many years.

Leipsic has since deleted his social media and the Washington Capitals say they are handling the issue internally.

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