BREAKING: Yankees Changing Up the Shortstop Position for the Remainder of The 2021 Season

Written by Durr

This is a do-or-die stretch upcoming for the Yankees if they want to have any shot of making the American League Wild Card Game this season. With a makeup game against the Twins upcoming later this afternoon, Aaron Boone has decided to shake things up and move Gleyber Torres from shortstop back to second base where he was in his dominant form back in 2018 and 2019.

I absolutely admire this move, however, this needed to happen earlier. Gleyber has been making errors all season long. It is not like he just started doing this random shit now. Plus, Gleyber was always solid on the other side of the diamond. There is a lot of pressure that comes with being the shortstop of the New York Yankees and it was clear that Gleyber was not ready for that task.

Gio Urshela will now slide to shortstop from third base and DJ will head to the other side of the diamond and play third. Yes, Gio has been struggling with the glove as of late, but this is just a funk that I am not worried he will get out of. He has always been one of the best defensive players and baseball and all players going through funks like this. DJ is a gold glover and although he is not as good at third, I will do whatever it takes to move Gleyber back to second.

As mentioned before, the upcoming stretch for the Yankees is crucial. 10 games in 10 days. First, a win vs the Twins today. Then a best of three at Baltimore who seems to be the Los Angeles Dodgers whenever they play us, nonetheless a must-win. Following that is a best of three at home against the Indians who can’t hit the baseball, then the last-place Texas Rangers come to town for another best of three.

This has to be an 8-2 run for the Yankees in order to sniff the Wild Card game with the way they have been playing. These are teams you have to capitalize on and if they can go 8-2, I see them getting a spot in that sudden death baseball game.

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