Breaking: Tom Herman Fired From Texas

Written by Tyler Allen

The National Title Game is set, handful of Bowl Games yet to play, but the Coaching Carousel has started. Texas AD recommended to the UT President that Herman be fired & the Board of Regents agreed. I find it surprising because of the statement released….

“UT make a coaching change to get us on track to achieve our ambitious goals.” Is one of those goals asking every week if UT is back? Because I would get tired of it too. Also, I find it interesting that Art Briles, Tom Herman, and Kevin Sumlin, all ex-University of Houston Head Coaches gone on to bigger jobs, but yet all are unemployed. I don’t know the coach at Houston at the moment, but whoever you are, stay! Your next gig will suck because of precendent!

I will always hate Texas purely because of this…..

Read the Full statement Below:

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