BREAKING: Tiger Woods Is Back

Tiger Woods announced today via Twitter that he will be playing in the PNC Championship on December 18-19 with his son Charlie Woods. Earlier this year, the 15 time major winner was involved in a single car roll over car accident that injured his right leg and foot. There was doubt as to if we would ever see the GOAT back on tour. Tiger even admitted that he had serious doubts and that he almost had to have his leg amputated due to the horrific accident.

There is no question golf is at its greatest when Tiger is competing. Enormous crowds gather and follow Tiger from hole to hole, and the electricity is incredible. TV ratings are through the roof.

What makes the PNC Championship even more intriguing is his 12 year old son, Charlie Woods, will be competing alongside Tiger. As expected, the kid is really, really damn good.

The champ is back, and so is golf.

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Tyler Walerius