BREAKING: The NBA Will Be Back Starting December 22nd

Written by schultzyca

The NBPA player rep vote and pass that the NBA will be starting back up on December 22nd with a 72 game season happening.

There are a lot of questions still to be asked, will there be multiple bubbles? Will teams be allowed to play games in their own arenas? What does the playoff format look like? These are the obvious questions that still need to be answered but it definitely is good that they agreed on a start date. Let’s get crazy what a great Christmas gift to have the NBA back in about a month!

Hit the music! The NBA is back and this is exciting! Maybe the Knicks will make the playoffs if it is expanded again, I have a feeling it is going to be because there is ten less games being played so this leaves the opportunity to play more games in the playoffs. It should be more interesting as we find out more details! Very good news though!

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