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BREAKING: The Late John Madden to Don Cover of Madden NFL 23

Written by Nate

For this year’s cover of Madden NFL 23, EA Sports paid a tribute to the coaching legend that help start the Madden gaming franchise itself on its cover.

Via Ari Meirov (aka MySportsUpdate on Twitter) and PSE’s own blogger/insider Tanner Phifer, Madden NFL 23 will feature the former Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders head coach and broadcasting legend John Madden on the cover for the game.

Meirov has stated that there will be three different covers with Madden on it—each one will be depicting the past memories of Madden. Such memories include him being a Super Bowl-winning coach, in the broadcast booth, and him busting through walls like his old Miller Lite commercials.

Just a perfect way to honor the legendary coach that brought us the great fusion of NFL football and gaming itself through the years.

RIP to the great John Madden himself.

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