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BREAKING: The Jets Are Hiring Robert Saleh | as per @JosinaAnderson

Written by Tony

The good ole Jets! When everyone zigs, we zag. In a league that is predicated on offense, and scoring, we hire our 2nd defensive minded coach in the last three hirings. The Jets are in a precarious situation where you either have to A. rehab a quarterback in Sam Darnold from the dead, or B. bring in a new QB via the draft and build him from scratch and what do you do? You hire a defensive head coach. Baffling to say the least, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Jets.

So fucking frustrating man. Just once can we throw 12 million dollars at a Lincoln Riley, or throw everything at Joe Brady/Eric Bienemy and go for it? If it doesn’t work out, so what, but lets just stop trying to get the “hot” coaching candidate on the defensive side of the ball. It doesn’t fucking work. Herm Edwards, Eric Mangini, Rex Ryan, Todd Bowles, and now Robert Saleh. The list is endless, and it will continue to be endless because they do not know what they are doing. Could Saleh be a good coach? Hopefully? Hard to say when he was coaching under Kyle Shanahan who many in the sport say could be the best young coach with all things considered.

Saleh certainly was coveted by other teams, and it is a tad bit of a “splash” but bizarre in the set of circumstances the Jets find themselves in.

Now can we step aside from him being most likely a disaster in NY and talk about the fucking jawline on this guy?

Falcons Report: Atlanta targeting Robert Saleh interview tomorrow -

My goodness, this is a human who exudes all things man, and I can’t wait to see the type of anabolic steroids he puts in the Jet’s cafeteria. Fucking hide your creatine from this monster, he will snort it quicker than Jordan Belfort at a holiday party. I look forward to our future 7-9 seasons and a locker room that “plays hard” for this man. Can’t wait.

In case you were wondering who is left in the playoffs, as icing on the cake:

Offensive Head Coaches = Rams, Packers, Browns, Chiefs, Bucs, Saints

Defensive Head Coaches = Bills

Special Teams (who cares about Special Teams) = Ravens

Final grades from ole’ Tony:

Coaching hire = B-

Jawline & Sex Appeal = A+

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