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Breaking: The Cleveland Browns Have Decided To Keep Baker Mayfield @bakermayfield

Written by Chris Powers

The ongoing saga between the Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield may soon be coming to an end. A few months back, local reporter Mary Ann Cabot posted the following tweet that prompted some of the initial drama between Mayfield and the Browns franchise, more specifically head coach Kevin Stefanski. Mayfield did not react kindly to the tweet and referred to it as “clickbait.”

Come to find out, Cabot was right all along. It’s evident that there was “trouble in paradise” between Mayfield and the Browns. This further became evident when Cleveland decided to trade away several draft picks for now former Houston Texans quarterback, DeShaun Watson that included a very lucrative deal for Watson.

Mayfield has made it very clear publicly that he was 100% disrespected by the Browns organization. It’s safe to say that without Mayfield, the Cleveland Browns would not have seen any of the success they have had in recent years without them. Even prior to the official signing of Watson, Mayfield demanded a trade because he felt his relationship with Cleveland was not repairable.

But as of right now, Mayfield remains on the Cleveland Browns roster. The Browns have yet to trade him or even try to release him. So as far as we know, the Browns have decided to keep Baker Mayfield. No team has aggressively tried to pursue him just yet, and while some analysts think he may be traded over the weekend during the 2022 NFL Draft, many analysts think that Mayfield will either be released or remain with the Browns as a back up and eventually trade when a team’s starting quarterback has a prominent injury and needs a band aid in Mayfield.

Only time will tell if Mayfield stays with the Browns for the long term. But for now, Cleveland has decided to keep him.

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