Breaking: Speculation Hillary and Obama Could Run Instead of Creepy Joe Biden

Written by Mike Rickard II

If you thought the coronapocalypse was bad, consider this- there’s now speculation that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama might run for President and Vice-President if “Creepy” Joe Biden is forced out of the Presidential race. According to Douglas MacKinnon from the website The Hill, there are some concerns about former Vice-President Biden:

Joe “Reach Out and Touch Someone” Biden might not make it to November

Some Democrats tell me they fear that Biden’s political survival is getting more problematic with each passing day. They cite three main issues. The first is their concern that an allegation of sexual assault leveled against Biden by former staffer Tara Reade won’t go away anytime soon. If anything, it appears to be about to gain a new life.

Next, they worry that another shoe could drop regarding questions related to Biden’s son, Hunter, and his business dealings. Lastly, some Democrats are concerned about Biden’s age and possible cognitive issues — a concern that some also have expressed about Trump.

According to the article, the Democrats may go with the ticket of perennial Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, a potentially potent ticket (at least on paper). Naturally, the first concern is whether Obama can serve as Vice-President.

As a former attorney (currently on hiatus thanks to my convictions for bank robbery), I can tell you that you can find a constitutional scholar that will tell you a Pop-Tart could serve as Vice-President (and in actuality, the Pop-Tart would likely be more useful than an actual human being given the V.P.’s lowly role unless the President croaks). You could probably even get a court to agree to Obama as V.P. such as the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals.

As McKinnon points out, people will look at the 12th and 22nd Amendment and question his eligibility (unless you’re a Canadian or living in the EU, you probably don’t know what these amendments are):

The 12th Amendment states that no one “ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice President of the United States.” The 22nd Amendment — the “not-Franklin-Delano-Roosevelt-again” amendment — states that “no person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice.”

The operative word here might be “elected.” If Obama were selected as Clinton’s running mate, and she had to leave office for any reason, then Obama would succeed her. At least one constitutional expert is on record saying there is nothing to prevent such a scenario. 

Personally, I see this story as the result of a slow coronapocalypse news day. The Democrats would be insane to run Hillary Clinton again as she’s got more baggage than an airport terminal. The Obama constitutional question would lead to a major constitutional question if Bammer and Big Hill were elected, and with the Supreme Court packed with conservatives, you can guarantee it won’t fly. If Handsy McFeely aka Joe Biden doesn’t run, look for the Democrats to run New York governor Andrew Cuomo who has been getting himself lots of good press despite doing a half-ass job corralling the coronavirus in the Empire State.

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