BREAKING: San Jose Sharks’ Star Failed at Finessing Vaccination

Written by Durr

So, this happened…

I mean what the fuck did he think was going to happen here. This could be one of the most stupid ideas I have ever seen. Why risk the fake card? You can literally be charged with fraudulent activity not just in the NHL, but with the government. I get it, you may not want to get the vaccine, but don’t fake it.

Well adios for a quarter of the season. This is arguably their best winger and now the Sharks are in a hole. You got to think about the team man. This was just selfish. I really wonder what he was thinking by trying to pull this off. We are talking about a MAJOR ORGANIZATION. You can’t be that sly.

And to top it all off, they are now beginning an investigation on a domestic abuse case. This guy is an asshole no way around it. Who knows how all of this goes for him at this point. This is a topic many should follow in the coming weeks. Fake Vaccine Card along with Domestic Abuse. Clearly this guy has issues.

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