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BREAKING: Rougned Odor Released by Texas Rangers

Written by austenlange

RING THE DAMN BELLS this idiot is out of Texas finally. It’s been no secret of how lackluster Odor’s performance has been since he got his Robinson Cano type of deal and it’s great to see the Rangers becoming self aware and ditching this awful contract. I mean 6 years at $50 million isn’t chump change. That’s an everyday guy who produces consistently type of money, not “I punched someone because they beat me in the playoffs” money…. To all the haters who say I’m anti Texas due to my Houston fandom I say eat my ass. Dude always has and always will stink out loud.

Don’t believe me??? Let’s check the numbers.

This stat line is gross…. How do you expect to justify paying someone a truck load to have an average WAR of .36. How do you reason the paycheck when he had a batting average just north of .200 since the infamous “Punch Heard Round the World”. I mean Jeff Daniels is an idiot, the organization is at fault for allowing him to even remain on the team and continue to be a dumpster fire this long… Also, your 2nd Baseman just physically cannot strike out 178 times in a season that’s inexcusable.

Let’s end this positively and I’ll leave you guys with the video that lives in Texas Rangers fans heads rent free.

This hit made Rougned Odor’s Entire Career

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