Breaking: President Donald Trump Orders Strike Killing Qasim al-Rimi

It appears that President Donald Trump is not resting on his laurels after taking out several high-value terrorists in recent weeks. Instead, the President is focusing on taking out the leaders of terrorist organizations at a rapid pace.

After Al-Baghdadi and Solemani were eliminated it appears that just recently the President ordered a strike in Yemen to remove the leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula who was also a deputy to the leader of the terrorist organization Ayman al-Zawahiri. It is nice to see that the terrorists may not be able to rule with an iron fist any longer.

But, it could also cause more blowback on the United States, so while yes it is a good thing to take out the terrorist leaders and try to remove the organizations…it could be used by to recruit or radicalize others. It turns these leaders and terrorists into martyrs to some and there is no easy solution.

Thank you to to the President for making the world a safer place and hopefully, more high-value targets are smoked out by this news.

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