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BREAKING NEWS: Vince McMahon Is Human

For years, many wrestling fans have questioned if WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was a human being or not.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. He has beaten the federal government. He has re-invented the sports/entertainment wheel three times over the past thirty years. He has survived a feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He was busted open and bloodied by The Undertaker. He was thrown off the side of a cage. He fought with his own son on the biggest wrestling stage of all-time. He has gone toe to toe with interviewers on mainstream television for decades now…and he has started up a football league to take on the NFL. Not once but twice!

To say the man has lived quite the life is an understatement. All the while he reportedly HATES sleeping, considers being “sick” a state of mind as nobody could ever fall ill, he works out at the gym rigorously daily, even at his advanced age, he hates people that nod their heads, he considers sneezing to be losing because it is something he can’t control and yes, all of these little factoids are true. You can start to see how and why fans begin to question his sanity or even if he is real.

I am here to break the news ladies and gentlemen: 75 year old Vince McMahon is human.

How do I know this? Comedian Donnell Rawlings posted a picture on his Instagram account of the man, the myth, the legend…Vince McMahon. His caption even says “Legend” right there.

There he was at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, likely near his home and WWE Headquarters in the same state. It’s very rare for Mr. McMahon to be spotted outside of his usual WWE environment. For that alone, I am officially listing him as a human being just like you and I…

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