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Breaking: New Story Coming Out Regarding Dave Portnoy Once Again Coming VERY Soon?

Written by TrevStone

Recently on The Dave Portnoy Show, Dave who is the founder of the popular Barstool Sports admitted that there is a new story that’ll be dropping soon about him.

This is something that seems to happen every few months and everything is pointing for this story to drop before years end or else right at the start of the new year, Dave personally thinks it’ll happen to start the year.

What I am hearing is that it’ll end up happening before the end of the year because of the fact that ad rates are higher towards the end of the year.

I’m sure that this will point to the fact once again that Portnoy is a sex freak or something along those lines. Just like before.

I could also see them trying to tie in the fact that he has been sued over a meme-coin that he literally said that he doesn’t know anything about it. And that it might be a scam. Now he is being sued and he lost majority of the money he put into the coin as is.

But let’s be real. That isn’t going to sell viewers enough. Could this possibly be the journalist whose house that Portnoy sat outside of?

Recently when someone went after Portnoy he ended up suing them and I don’t blame him.

We will have to wait and see when this will drop. I’m thinking sooner rather than later, especially if Dave is talking. He knows it’s coming. And now you do too.

Go Pres Go!

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