BREAKING: New Juice WRLD Album Coming “Soon” #ThePartyNeverEnds

It looks as though star musician Juice WRLD will be dropping his second posthumous album sometime soon. Rumors have been swirling around the internet for a little over 6 months that this album would be coming.

While we still don’t know an exact date or anything this gives tons of hope to fans like myself. I’m just really excited to hear his lyrical mastery again and be able to cry to songs even while happy.

Producer Lil Bibby gave some details on the album last night after the premiere of the album teaser.

It’s always awful to see these young star fall just because of drug usage but Juice WRLD was a star that burned out quickly but still seems to have a huge fan base. Some may even say his audience grew after his OD. Juice WRLD is a mega talented lyricist and could just write hit after hit by just FREESTYLING.

Dude just dropped bangers for a living and we all took it for granted. He became a mega star in what seemed to be overnight and even is in the same league as multiple stars.

Really hoping this album lives up to my expectations, (doubtful) but a man can only dream.


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