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Breaking: Nelk Boys Founder Kyle Forgeard Arrested In Dallas, Texas

Written by TrevStone

We have just learned that Nelk Boys founder Kyle Forgeard has been arrested in Dallas, Texas. According to the Nelk Boys twitter he was arrested and taken into jail.

Forgeard and Nelk actually knew of the possibility of him being arrested if he was to go back to Texas. As they “started a riot” in Texas in March. You can read more about that by clicking here.

You can watch a YouTube video that Nelk uploaded weeks ago about starting a riot in Texas. Probably not the smartest move to title that or even post it in that matter. But when you’re in the business of likes and clicks, you’ll take it. I’ve been a Nelk fan for years now but sometimes they seem to make some dumb decisions that could be avoided.

Forgeard is from Canada, who knows what’ll happen.

I wish the best for Kyle. Hopefully he doesn’t get deported. Nelk makes such awesome content, but at times they just need to learn to relax. But then ‘Nelk wouldn’t be Nelk’ but they know what they’ll do if they tell a bunch of fans to meet them somewhere while we are still in a pandemic. They’re asking for trouble.

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