BREAKING: Messi Is Not Renewing His Contract With FC Barcelona

Written by Durr

What the hell is happening! Just when everyone thought that Lionel Messi was a lock to return to Barcelona for the upcoming La Liga season, all of a sudden the club releases a statement stating he is not returning. I mean what?

This comes as an absolute shock considering the Argentina star was coming off his high horse, winning Copa America last month, which was his first with the national team. I thought all was well at this point with everyone and that he was going to ride off into the sunset with the only club he has played for in his career. I guessed wrong.

The two sides could not work out financial issues, according to sources, and that is just a complete utter disappointment. Listen, I am more of a Ronaldo over Messi guy, so my take on this is even less biased considering I am disappointed he will not be with Barcelona for his entire career. It’s sad to see that money is the issue behind why Messi will not return.

Next up, who knows? Maybe Messi takes a stab at the Premier League, or maybe go to the United States and tear up the MLS pitch like a God. Nonetheless, we have to appreciate what Messi has done for Barcelona. Ten-time La Liga Champion, four-time Champions League Champion, seven-time Copa del Rey Champion. Bravo Messi! I’m excited to see where your next chapter is. Hopefully, it’s the Premier League.

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