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BREAKING: Man Comes Forward And Claims To Have Spoken To Brian Laundrie Days Before Gabby Petito Disappeared

Written by Chris Powers

According to a report published by Fox News, a man has come forward this morning and stated he believes he spoke with Brian Laundrie at Yellowstone National Park just prior to the disappearance of Laundrie’s fiance, Gabby Petito. Hunter Mannies of Louisiana who was traveling across the country in August allegedly had an uncomfortable encounter with Laundrie according to the Fox News report.

“It was an odd encounter,” Mannies said on “Fox & Friends“, noting that he didn’t know who Laundrie was at the time, as it was before Petito disappeared.

“There was a guy by himself at the end of the bar,” Mannies said. “We really didn’t pay him much attention until he got kind of – he just seemed overly invested in our conversation and eventually ended up speaking up.

Mannies was discussing hunting among other friends when Laundrie abruptly inserted himself into the conversation.

“[Laundrie] abruptly jumped into it with a comment about ‘stupid Southerners’ and some expletives about Republicans,” Mannies told Fox News’ Steve Doocy.

You can watch the video from Fox News this morning in its entirety below.

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