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BREAKING: Major Spending Bills Being Pushed By Democrats In Congress As Shutdown Looms; President Joe Biden’s Approval Ratings Released

Written by Chris Powers

Big things are happening this week in Washington D.C. in regards to some decision making with impending spending bills.

The House of Representatives appears to be heavily focused on passing a large infrastructure bill somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 trillion dollars. The same bill was passed last month in the Senate. This particular bills happens to include nearly $550 billion dollars in in spending to help fund new public transportation, new roads and expanding the footprint of broadband internet across the country.

Furthermore, Democrats in the Senate are doing what they can to avoid another government shutdown as they try to get a bill to fund the government passed. If the bill is not in fact passed by Friday, another shutdown is almost certain. The new bill would increase the debt ceiling even further, which Republicans have vehemently opposed. The only way Republicans intend on signing off on the bill is if they debt ceiling measure is removed from the bill.

Lastly, Democrats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate are pushing to approve a bill totaling nearly 3.5 trillion dollars called the “Reconciliation Bill” that will help fund the purchase of electric vehicles, free and or subsdized daycare along with the expansion of Medicare.

These spending bills that are being debated this week will either be a major win or a huge blow for the remainder of Biden’s presidency along with the Democratic party. Sources indicate that Biden spend most of his weekend hunkered down at Camp David urging lawmakers to support his bills.

The Guardian reported the following on Biden’s recent approval ratings, and unfortunately for him and Democrats, the numbers do not look good.

According to Gallup’s most recent approval ratings on the President, things are not look very good. He is currently sitting at a 43% approval rating while Vice President Kamala Harris has a 43% approval rating. This is why it is important for the Biden administration to ensure these new bills pass in order to boost nationwide confidence that this administration can be productive.

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