Breaking: LAPD Launching Investigation of YouTube Celebrity Brooke Houts Over Dog Abuse Video

Written by Nate

YouTube celebrity Brooke Houts is right now under fire from social media — and under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department — after a video of her hitting and spitting on her dog went viral. 

The investigation began after LAPD received ‘numerous’ complaints about the unedited video and the sharply negative backlash that responded behind it.

The viral video can be viewed down below. 

Shortly after releasing the video and having the negative response to it, Houts reached out to reached out and wrote an ‘apology’ to her followers over that video.

Here are some other people’s reactions after the video and the policy tweets were posted. Even PETA chimed in their opinion in their own way.

YouTube has not commented on the video and its situation yet. Channels under investigation related to the aforementioned video or content can be taken down.

We understand all of social media’s frustration and we agree, the abuse the poor dog had is not going to be tolerated or condoned. It has made everyone angry and all of them have every right to feel that way. 

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