BREAKING: LaMarcus Aldridge retires from NBA mid season due to heart problems

Written by Jeffrey Iafrate

When the Brooklyn Nets signed LaMarcus Aldridge after Blake Griffin it was only making their title chances better. Most experts had them as favorites to come out of the Eastern Conference and win the NBA championship. What we didn’t know is the heart problems Lamarcus Aldridge was dealing with over this season, and the last game he played for the Brooklyn Nets is when he had an irregular heartbeat.

Having an irregular heartbeat is a serious risk for any basketball player, the more you go out on the floor you risk never seeing your family again. I wish the best to Aldridge in retirement as he has had quite an accomplished career, besides winning a ring which he hoped to do with the Brooklyn Nets. Winning a ring is something we always judge good players by but regardless he’s gonna be fine post career.

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