In what was set to be a busy day in the NBA with the start of the free agency later tonight one of the league’s biggest stars has requested a trade. Kevin Durant has asked for a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. Days after star teammate Kyrie Irving took his player option to come back and play with Durant he is on the move. Durant has listed the Phoniex Suns and Miami Heat as the top teams he wishes to be traded too. This mirrors Durant’s decision in 2016 when he joined the Golden State Warriors who were coming off the best regular season in NBA history. Durant has made it very clear during his career winning is what is most important to him. And going to either Miami or Phoniex will set him up for his 3rd championship. However, the Nets have made it seem like they are looking for the best package and not overly concerned with where Durant would like to land

Brooklyn is now apparently looking to ship the rest of the roster and enter next season with a very new team. This obviously means that Kyrie Irving will now likely be on the move elsewhere. Brooklyn could definitely build a solid team from the returns of Durant and Irving. They are reportedly looking for a historic package from the team who trades for Durant. As of right now, Phoenix seems like the most likely destination for Durant with them being able to give up a package of Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges along with multiple first-round picks.


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