BREAKING – Kanye is Behind the Monolith

Written by Jleibl

First this was seen in Utah and now out of no where this mystery appeared in Romania. Now, I’m sure most people are thinking, “gotta be aliens”, but no, that would be way to obvious. I have the real answer. That answer would be none other than Mr. Kanye West himself.

It all makes sense. He has been in the process of putting out futuristic shoe prototypes and has been near obsessive over them. He is spiraling from not being anywhere near competitive in this year’s election. Finally, he is planning on releasing a brand new album this year still called “Donda: With Child”. I wish I could get inside this man’s mind to try and put together Donda With Child to this monolith but my god I am almost certain he is behind this.

I need everyone to prepare themselves because Kanye is known for his twitter rants and I am almost certain that he will be coming out saying it was him behind these mysterious things and it was all a huge promo for his new album. It’s crazy, but lets just remember, we are talking about Kanye West here.

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