In most shocking news ex-Browns star wide receiver Josh Gordon will be reinstated into the NFL and is planning on signing with the defending AFC Champs.

This whole Chiefs getting every single fast player in the league needs to be STOPPED. The Chiefs quite literally have too many weapons. Sometimes it really makes you wonder if people know that there is actually only 1 ball…

In all seriousness though I love this move for Flash Gordon. Go smoke a fuck ton of pot get kicked off the shitty Browns, and slowly work your way up to being on the odds on favorites to win the AFC, BRILLIANT! This is falling backwards in its finest forms and as a fellow underachiever I can do nothing but applaud the former Baylor Bear.

With Gordon signing it give Mahomes ever more weapons’ that just don’t even make it fair. As usual I always love to log onto twitter and see all the instant reactions because it shows how people genuinely feel.

Fair question here by @ThatBabyIsGone. Is the ex-Pro Bowl WR still good? I mean he can’t be great right? The guy just got signed off the streets by the best team in the AFC, OF COURSE HE IS STILL GOOD. Fuck out of here with that nonsense.

This made me spit my lunch out. I love the comedy in this situation, and the whole weed aspect makes it even better.

In closing I really do hope Gordon can join the Chiefs and make a difference in their offensive game planning. All they need Gordon to do is,

Stephen A Smith: "STAY OFF THE WEED" Collections on Make a GIF

As always, #StayAdvised


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