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Breaking: Jake Gardner not Charged in shooting incident #JusticeforJamesScurlock #protestOMA

It’s gonna be interesting here in Nebraska tonight, and tomorrow, The Douglas County Attorney has decided to not charge Jake Gardner for the shooting death of James Scurlock. The Attorney’s office has decided with the limited amount of evidence, even though he fires a shot, gets tackled (I assume a fight or flight situation happened, more later) choked out, then fires a shot, and kills James Scurlock.

There were many irregularities with this press conference, The videos were shown but with no sound, but in the middle of unveiling this evidence, The CA(County Attorney) says that Jake Gardner says “get off me, Get off me” as he was backing up, if that was case…why the fuck did you not play this audio?

The CA continues to make contradictory statements. He claims you can defend your property, if so, what’s the law there? He says just not to use deadly force….right…? The CA keeps giving the white bar owner the benefit of the doubt, because we don’t have James side.

The CA was asked about the manslaughter statute (pictured Below), he says he withdraws judgement because of Justification….. so read this tweet below, and have your mouth agape as to why he didn’t change him with it

I pray for US, Everybody, protesting, or securing yourselves away for covid-19 reasons, everyone is everyone to me. I weep for you, too. So if you’re protesting tonight, be self aware, know your rights, and have a Lawyer or a non profit’s law information before ya go. Be safe and Godspeed, Omaha.
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