BREAKING: Iranian Protestors Now Being Tear Gassed For Protesting!

Written by Marcus

Per [email protected]

The Iranian people are currently taking to the streets to protest against the regime currently leading Iran.
These protests are coming on the heels of Iran admitting to having shot down the Ukranian flight a few days ago.

Remember that last month this same regime shot down 1,500 protestors that took to the streets for a different protest against the same regime. Currently, only tear gas is being used to try to dissuade the protestors. Could the same fate that last month’s protestors await these students and citizens?

Of course, there appears to be nary any coverage of these protests or the response by the regime to them in the mainstream US media. Instead, people are having to rely on social media to get reports of activity on Iran.

Hopefully, the regime will only use teargas for these protests and not respond to the protesters as it has in the past. Only time will tell, but don’t count on our media to report the response to these protests…as it has yet to give the protest any coverage.

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