In a recent interview, Gabby Petito’s parents have said that Brian Laundrie’s parents never responded to any of their text messages or phone calls after they stopped hearing from Gabby.

During the interview with Dr. Phil of the Dr Phil Show, the Petito family urged Brian Laundrie to turn himself in.

Gabby’s father, Joseph Petito had the following to say on the matter:

“A normal parent, when you text someone that they’re going to call the cops because you can’t find your child, they would reply,” Gabby’s father, Joseph Petito, told McGraw. “No response, no nothing.”


Gabby’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, also commented on the situation with the Laundrie family.

“I do believe they know a lot more information than they’re putting out there,” Nicole Schmidt, Petito’s mother, said about Laundrie’s family.  “Somebody needs to start talking.”


A lawyer from Brian Laundrie’s family told NBC News that they had “no comment” after being questioned about what the Petito family had to say on the Dr Phil Show.

You can watch the video below of what transpired between the Petito family and Dr. Phil below.


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