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BREAKING: Gabby Petito Admits She Hit Brian Laundrie First; Moab, UT Officers Question if Laundrie Was “Battered Boyfriend”

In a police report fied with the Moab, UT police, Gabby Petito told officers that Brian Laundrie had hit her during the dispute that transpired on August 12th. She then retracted her statement and claimed that he actually grabbed her face after she struck him first.

A new video has actually surfaced from another police officer with audio that is much easier to hear than the first. When the officer asks Gabby if Brian hit her, the response was “I guess, yeah, but I hit him first.” Gabby then proceeded to explain that Laundrie grabbed her face and showed how his fingernail may have scratched her cheek. She also made it very clear that Brian did not punch her in the face which conflicts with the original story that the two 911 callers had initially called in about.

There is actually another video out now that shows the two police officers discussing if Brian Laundrie was actually the victim in the situation even referring to him as being “battered.”

You can see the full video below from the second officer:

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