Breaking: Gabby Petito Admits Brian Laundrie Hit Her! Brian Volunteers Volunteers To Go Jail?!

During a recent release of a body cam footage of the pull over of Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito before Petito was killed there was a couple of key moments that I’d like to point out.

During it Petito admitted that Laundrie hit her but that she was smacking him first. The police officer wanted Gabby to know that the two of them might not be meant for each other if they both have bad anxiety which Gabby kept talking about. The officer even brought up a personal story how his ex-wife and him didn’t get along similar to this because of anxiety. The officer even said that this his how it could start and then get worse every time. Wow. That’s more than likely exactly that happened. The two of them kept on arguing and fighting and then Brian more than likely snapped extra.

Then another moment when they’re trying to figure out what to do, they asked if Brian had any friends in town so the two could separate. He volunteers at that moment to go to jail and has a evil laugh and jokes he’s going to steal the officers radio so he gets in trouble.

The entire video is crazy.

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