BREAKING: Former Bachelor Star Colton Underwood Comes Out As Gay

Written by austenlange

Today On Good Morning America Ex-BAchelor Star Colton Underwood decided to tell the world that he is finally coming out of the closet. As a person who hasn’t watched hardly any of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series this even shocked me. Not because coming out as gay is a shocking thing but mainly because of how large his faith in Christianity is and also the fact that he was very open in the fact that he was still a Virgin. It really does show that no matter your faith that you are made the way you are made and instead of suppressing his feelings Underwood is taking the higher road. It’s always great to see large influencers take a risk like this and stand for what they believe. I’m sure Underwood will face tons of backlash from the church community but he’s doing what’s best for him and we stan.

In the interview Underwood mentions that he used to try and “Pray the gay away.” This was alarming to me. It shows that the church has failed us as a society. They try and force their unrealistic ideals and even try to make good people feel bad about themselves for just being 110% them. Underwood later in the interview mentions that he couldn’t ever find a good reason to explain to people on why he still had his virginity. Now one can assume it’s because he is gay and didn’t want that information getting out because of his faith in Christianity. However, just know there are many people like Colton Underwood in this world who are afraid to be themselves, and this step could become monumental for the closeted gay Christian men.

I mean even the Blue Check Mark Brigade on twitter is stanning him.

The Bachelor decided to release a statement in regard to the matter also.

These are the forward steps needed to help the LGBTQIA+ Community. Seeing large influencers use their platform to go against the status quo is everything needed to progress forward. I hope Colton Underwood gets everything in life he wants and I think today starts that journey for him.

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