The coronavirus has just cost this country about 500 more jobs, as ESPN announced today that they’ve laid-off 300 employees, and removed another 200 positions on top of that.

It appears no significant names have fallen victim to the layoffs, however, as it was mainly lower level talent, and non-talent who got the boot. Personally, I had my fingers crossed that Dan Le Batard would get voted off the ESPN island, but the chubster made the cut. Luckily, top tier ESPN talent such as Ariel Helwani, Matthew Berry, and SVP all kept their gigs, so those with viewing pleasures similar to my own will be OK.

Honestly, the major take away from this news is that ProSportsExtra has inched one step closer to world domination, or at least sports world domination. COVID drove ESPN to lay-off 300, you know who didn’t have to lay anyone off? PSE. Our leadership is better, our talent is better, our content is better, and I invite anyone at ESPN to debate me on that very topic. Quite frankly, if it weren’t for their 40 year head start, I think we would have put them into the ground by now.