BREAKING: ESPN is moving up the Michael Jordan documentary because everyone is going crazy being stuck at home! Sports fan rejoice! Buckle up for Sunday April 19th

Written by schultzyca

ESPN is moving up the very anticipated Michael Jordan documentary; “The Last Dance.” With everyone stuck at home this is a no brainier in the famous words of Stephen A. Smith “This is exactly what I have been waiting for!” It has been moved up to Sunday April 19th first reported by Andrew Marchand of The Post.

This is good news that sports fans need with us literally having to watch competitive band mitten on The Ocho, and constant reruns of past Super Bowls this would be a a much needed break. Like many other sports fans I am definitely looking forward to this documentary especially with all that is happening in the world! This should be a wild ride but I bet the documentary won’t mention how Michael Jordan got his dad killed but that is a blog for a different day!

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