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BREAKING: Drive-By Shooting Happened During Live TV Report at George Floyd Square in Minneapolis

On the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd in the hands of police, there was a drive-by shooting that occurred near George Floyd Square in Minneapolis during a local live TV report.

In tweets shared by user Jack Posobiec and YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson, a news reporter was telling a story about the idea of reforming police in the city when gunshots were firing just near where he was broadcasting from.

“It sounds like gunshots, I’ll let you know what this is,” the reporter explains as others are seen running away or taking cover in the background via Paul Joseph Watson’s Summit News.

It appears that only one person was injured from this event. NBC News has also reported that the shooter drove away from the scene just after that clip was captured.

No further details have been available at this time this was reported, but we will update this post with that type of information when they become available.

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