BREAKING: Dog The Bounty Hunter Says Brian Laundrie May Turn On Parents; Laundries To Face Jail Time?

Written by Chris Powers

Dog The Bounty Hunter had a lot to say recently about Brian Laundrie and his family. Laundrie is still a fugitive of the law and has been missing for several weeks now, shortly before the remains of his fiancé Gabby Petito’s remains were found in Grand Teton State Park. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Dog had the following things to say about Brian Laundrie’s parents and how they could potentially be facing jail time.

“You know what these guys do when they get caught? They got authors that come to them in prison and go ‘Listen you’re all done and you need commissary money. You’re going to tell us what really happened, we’re going to write your autobiography.”

“And 99.9% of these criminals, tell the truth. ‘Oh my mom and dad helped me out, but I made them.’”

Dog also claimed that if Brian was helped that “he’s gonna rat off Mom and Dad. If he’s going to kill his girlfriend, who he loves- he’s going to tell on mom and dad.”

“One of these days the men in black are gonna knock on that door and say ‘Excuse me, Mr. Chris, but we have a United States warrant for your arrest.’”

“And if they don’t find him in a couple of days, that’s exactly what the feds are going to do.”


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